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Hi! I’m Ezone Constantine
Founder of Ultimate Forex Program (UFP) and Quanz Solutions. I am a Certified Financial Technician, Trader and Speaker. For the past 10 years, I dedicated my life to learn about investment, trading, and analysis. 

Fast forward, today, I am really blessed, because I was given a chance to empower and impact life of more than 10,000 peoples across the world. My specialty is to turn the most COMPLICATED subject in trading, and turn it into Simple, Effective and EASY TO LEARN.
Because of that, I was invited as a Keynote Speaker in Bursa Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur Stocks Exchange), Share Investor, Asean’s Largest Forex Expo, and World’s Online Trading Summit. I am Sharing the same stage with renown speaker such as Adam Khoo, Jack D. Schwager, and many other top speakers in the world.



And This is what my students said

Now we have a BIGGER MISSION.
Did you know that, Since The Covid-19, a lot of BIG companies suffered from this Global Pandemic. Many Sectors hit badly such as Airlines, Tourism, Hotels, Restaurants, Fitness Gym, and many more. Billions of dollar losses. Indirectly, forces the small and medium business to downsize, lay off workers, closure and some companies declared bankruptcy. 
This negative impact causes millions of peoples losing their jobs and it affect millions of families today. Because of that, many people decided to take extra jobs, so that they can bring foods to the table, pay the rent, loans, other bills. Many cannot escape from this challenging situation, includes celebrities, pilots, athletes, housewife and maybe it may affect YOU TOO.
During this challenging period, one of the popular ways to earn extra money is by doing delivery services. However, many of YOU DID NOT REALIZE, that there are, other options that YOU can choose and potentially create Powerful Income for YOUR FAMILY.

So What Is Currency Trading a.k.a Forex Trading? 

IT is one of the LARGEST Financial Market in the World~! Daily turnover of 
$6.6 Trillion per day. It give everyone a chance to make money from this market. During Covid-19, many experience Forex Traders generate wonderful PROFITS.

Top 5 Reason Why Forex Trading Is Powerful

Reason #1 Forex Market Open 24 Hours Everyday (Monday to Friday)

Reason #2 You can trade anytime & anywhere with your Smartphone or Laptop

Reason #3 You can start with low capital (As low as $50 only)

Reason #4 You can trade from the comfort of your home

Reason #5 You make Money in both market. Up or Down. Therefore, Forex is Recession Proof (Regardless Crisis or Pandemic)


What Is an Affiliate Marketing?

It is one of a powerful business model. You get paid by promoting other people’s products without actually own it. You do not have to worry about setting up company, build products, staff overhead and many more.

Top 5 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Is Powerful?

Reason #1 Unlimited Income Potential. You can earn as much as you want.

Reason #2 You Get Paid from 10% to 30% Commission from the product sales.

Reason #3 You can do your business 100% Online (Safe from the Comfort of your home. Less exposure to Covid-19)

Reason #4 Very Low Start Up Capital

Reason #5 You do not need to have experience or college degree.

Introducing the...

100% Perfect For Beginner And Online Entrepreneur
This time we have a BIGGER Mission. We want to help our next 10,000 traders to earn potentially from $1,000 to $5,000 per month. 

Top 10 Reasons Why You Must Choose UFP 2.0?

Reason #1 UFP 2.0 is the Most Effective Online Learning Course For Beginner Trader

Reason #2 Complete Step By Step Guide program with Powerful 5 Powerful Modules and Video Tutorials

Reason #3 The BEST Customer & Technical Support

Reason #4 Well experience Team and Certified Mentors

Reason #5 Unique Trading System with Potential Win Rate from 67% to 82%

Reason #6 Simple, Fun and Easy To Learn

Reason #7 Available in Both Languages, English and Bahasa Malaysia and can be access potential up to 350 Millions clients

Reason #8 Sustainable and Unique Commission Payment Plan

Reason #9 Future Business- Online Education (Sunrise Business).

Reason #10 Low Risk Business Start Up

Top 10 Reasons Why You Must Choose UFP 2.0?

Reason #1 

UFP 2.0 is the Most Effective Online Learning Course For Beginner Trader

Reason #2

Complete Step By Step Guide program with Powerful 5 Powerful Modules and Video Tutorials

Reason #3

The BEST Customer & Technical Support

Reason #4

Well experience Team and Certified Mentors

Reason #5

Unique Trading System with Potential Win Rate from 67% to 82%

Reason #6

Simple, Fun and Easy To Learn

Reason #7

Available in Both Languages, English and Bahasa Malaysia and can be access potential up to 350 Millions clients

Reason #8

Sustainable and Unique Commission Payment Plan

Reason #9

Future Business- Online Education (Sunrise Business).

Reason #10

Low Risk Business Start Up


  Getting Started In Forex Trading ($99 Value)
  • 10 Things You Need To Know Before Trading The Currency Market (Forex)
  • ​How To Avoid Forex Scam. The Untold Stories in Forex Trading 
  • ​The Top 3 Secrets Of Successful Forex Trader 
  Module 1 : Introduction To Foreign Exchange Markets ($399 Value)
  • 17 Powerful Learning Video Tutorials
  • ​Complete Modules of Fundamental Analysis
  • ​Learn about Forex Market, Major Player, Economic Calendar and Forex Language.  
  Module 2 : Basic Guide To Forex Trading Platform ($599 Value)
  • 34 Powerful Learning Video Tutorials
  • ​Complete Step by step guide on handling MT4 platform via laptop
  • ​Powerful tips on how to handle MT4 mobile
  Module 3 : Introduction To Technical Analysis – Price Forecasting Methodologies ($399 Value)
  • Unveil The Secrets Behind Price Forecasting Methodology?
  • ​Learn How Chart Constructed?
  • How Price Moves In Trend?
  • ​Tips How To Draw Trend Lines?
  • ​Three Classification Of Trend And How To Ride It?
  • ​The Psychology Behind Support And Resistance?
  Module 4 : The Proven Currency Trading Strategies ($599 Value)
  • Introduction To Trading Strategies And Trading Setup?
  • ​Learn How To Make Potential 50 Pips To 150 Pips With UFP-Swing 1?
  • Step By Step Guide To The Harami Trade
  Module 5 : Trading Psychology & Money Management ($199 Value)
  • The 20 Tips Money Management And Trading Guidelines


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Frequent Ask Questions (FAQ)

1. If I am still Beginner of Completely Zero Knowledge in Trading Forex Market, will this program suitable for me?

This program is 100% perfect for beginner and newbie. You will learn step by step. We will bring your learning curve step by step from basic to advance level.

2. I am not really a computer Savvy, will this program suit me?

UFP team support each of the member regardless your age and background. We will guide you step by step, even to your simplest question. Our team is very friendly. We will set specific appointment to help you with your Laptop and Smartphone setup.

3. I already have slight experience in trading, but I am interested to Subscribe Silver Membership. Is it worth it?

The value you get in this Silver Membership is worth much more compare to what you pay. Therefore, kindly read the list above what learning you will get. Check whether it is suit you. Now Silver Membership Price is only $1. This is worth your investment. Remember, the most worth investment that you ever make in your life is Investment in Knowledge and Learning.

4. Can I use different broker for this program?

Yes. You can use any broker that you feel comfortable. Flexible.

5. I am interested to learn as a beginner, but I am not interested to become an affiliate marketer yet. What is your advice?

No Rush in promoting to other. Most important, is your progress in your learning. So focus on your learning modules. You can promote this program to your friends, family and clients when you feel confidence enough. By the way, if you need any help to explain to your future clients. 

Just contact our friendly Sales & Customer Support at +60165772988 or Telegram Chat CLICK HERE

6. I am interested to become promoter, agent and affiliate marketer. Will you guide us how to get more clients in future?

- Yes. We want to help any serious affiliate Marketer. When you subscriber Silver Membership, you are automatically our Starter Affiliater. We will share with you more in our program how you get paid, how you get started, and tips how to earn $1000 to $5000 per month.

7. What is your success rate with this trading system?

Based on our Analysis and Back Test Data, the success rate is between 67% to 82%. However, there are so many factors can affect your trading results such as personal issue, psychology in trading, your internet connection, poor risk management, greed, Act Of God, Volatility and Many More. Kindly read the Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer.

8. When and How I get Paid For My Commission?

If you refer our program to someone else, you will get paid after 30 days from their purchase. (30 Days cooling off period). Silver Affiliater entitle for 10% commission from each product sold.

9. Will this Silver Membership price will change in future?

Yes. We will change this price soon back to normal price $99. As for now, grab as soon the $1 promo. You will never see this price again.

10. Can I promote this program to other countries?

Currently our program is available in English and Bahasa Malaysia. Therefore, suitable for country such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, Philipines and all countries that can speak in English. As for now you have potential of 350,000,000 clients all over the world.

11. Do you have support in Bahasa Malaysia?

Yes we have support 100% in Bahasa Malaysia.

12. Will there be a RISK IN TRADING?

Forex trading have large potential rewards but also have large potential risks. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in stocks or futures markets. Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose especially with leveraged instruments such as futures trading or forex trading. Under no circumstances shall we have any liability to any person or entity for (a) any loss or damage in whole or part caused by, resulting from, or relating to any transactions or (b) any direct, indirect, special, consequential or incidental damages whatsoever. Past performance of a Ultimate Forex Program Member is not a reliable indicator of his future performance. Kindly read the Terms & Conditions

13. Will I get exactly the same results like Other Traders?

Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. There is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these program Examples or testimonial in this website are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using our product, ideas and techniques. 

14. Is this Lifetime ACCESS?

For Silver Membership, yes you will get lifetime access according to the Modules stated above.

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